Smile Zemi Tablet: Moms Review the Innovative Learning Tool for Kids

'It stands heads above other educational apps we've used with our daughter'

By Kara Murphy, Macaroni KID September 25, 2023

Finding the right tools to support our children's learning journeys can be challenging in the ever-evolving world of educational technology.

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That's why I wanted to share insights I gathered into the Smile Zemi tablet. This easy-to-use home learning system is aligned with the Common Core State Standards in math and English Language Arts for grades 1-5, which sets it apart from other digital learning apps and services. Plus — just like tutors or learning centers — Smile Zemi continually assesses your child's level of understanding and offers individualized learning strategies as they learn. And according to the mamas we talked to, it seems virtually breakproof!

We asked five moms, all Macaroni KID publishers, to share the Smile Zemi tablet with their kids and then share with us their family's experiences with this innovative tablet. Here's what they told us.

Distraction-Free Learning: Nakeisha's Perspective

Nakeisha Martinez was impressed with Smile Zemi's durability and ease of use. 

The best thing about Smile Zemi? For Nakeisha Martinez, who lives in Maryland, it's that her child, Averi, doesn't get sidetracked with other apps while using the tablet. Smile Zemi is a closed system, which means children don’t have access to internet distractions, video-sharing sites, or gaming apps ... giving parents peace of mind.

"This is strictly a distraction-free learning tablet, and I love that feature the most," Nakeisha says.

She also appreciated the writing stylus, noting it allows her daughter to work on writing skills on Smile Zemi, not something she can do on other electronics.

"I would absolutely recommend Smile Zemi to other parents looking for reinforcement resources," she says. "I could also see this being a big hit with homeschooling families because Smile Zemi encourages independent learning, and parents can see the lesson history."

Reinforcing Classroom Learning: Nicole's Experience

Nicole Hickoff is happy the Smile Zemi tablet engages her children in educational ways other apps and tablets haven't.

Nicole Hickoff, a teacher and a parent in Pennsylvania, loved the step-by-step instructional approach, video introductions, and interactive elements on the Smile Zemi tablet. 

"Other apps and tablets we've used that say they're educational but feel more like a toy than a learning device to me. The Smile Zemi tablet is the best out there. Everything was planned out with kids in mind," she says.

The Smile Zemi tablet has been excellent in reinforcing lessons taught at school to her first-graders, Finley and Harper.

"Kids have changed with how they learn, and these tablets are doing a great job engaging them and challenging them in ways that I couldn't," Nicole says. "I think it is a great tool to enhance and reinforce the Common Core Standards taught in the classroom. It engages children, and I can see how it will benefit my kids this school year. It has definitely made school work at home more enjoyable."

Fostering Independence in Learning: Susannah's Story

Susannah Ferguson believes the Smile Zemi tablet could be an affordable and convenient alternative to tutoring and learning centers.

Susannah Ferguson, A Columbia, Mo., mom, appreciates the Smile Zemi tablet's alignment with the Common Core Standards her 10-year-old son is learning in school.

"I loved that the Smile Zemi tablet aligned perfectly with the math curriculum at his school, so now he can show me what he's learning and how he's doing, and I can help support him in areas where he may need extra practice," Susannah says. "The curriculum and content seem very high value, much higher than any app or other tool we've utilized online."

We asked the kids too!

Here's what the kids told us about their Smile Zemi tablets:

"The Smile Zemi tablet is screentime my mom will always say yes to." — Callum

"I love that Smile Zemi teaches you to grow your brain smarter." — Everly

"I loved that the lessons were easy to follow and I could stop and start them whenever I needed." — Robert

Bridging Learning Between School and Home: Melissa's Insights

Melissa's daughter liked the stylus included with the Smile Zemi. It allows users to write and erase directly on the screen.

The Smile Zemi tablet has made learning at home a joy for Melissa Basgall's second-grade daughter, Everly. They live in Kansas.

"Any time my child is SMILING while doing an educational activity, I find it heartwarming. She is a social kiddo and loves school for that reason, but she doesn't love the bookwork. Smile Zemi is definitely bringing out her smile and keeping learning fun," Melissa says. "It stands heads above other educational apps that we've used with our daughter."

Engaging Learning For Kids Who Sometimes Struggle: Holli's Story

Holli Carlin likes the mix of instructional videos, exercises, and quizzes available to her children on Smile Zemi.

Holli Carlin, of New Jersey, has a son with ADHD. Focusing can sometimes be a struggle. The Smile Zemi tablet has helped him stay on-task.

"Each lesson is very thoroughly explained, and there are multiple examples for each lesson. You can also go back and listen to instructions and lessons whenever you want. This is especially useful with an ADHD student who can lose focus very easily. My son always needs extra support, and I know this will really help," she says.

She also appreciated how fun and engaging the tablet is for her kids.

"The most heartwarming moment for me was when both of my boys opted to play on the Smile Zemi vs. playing on their normal tablet," she says. "It will be an excellent support system for in-person education this school year."

In a world where technology is all around us, the Smile Zemi tablet stands out as a tool that makes learning fun and interactive for our children. Our moms loved that the Smile Zemi tablet reinforces what their kids learn in school — and can't we all use another partner in fostering our children's education?

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