What to read this summer: A book list for YOU, not the kids!

By Julie Lepore, Macaroni Kid Summit/SH/SOMA Publisher and Nadege Nicoll, owner of The Book House June 26, 2019

Summer is here and that means some of us are looking for great books! I asked Nadege at The Book House in Millburn to come up with a few recommendations to share. Stop by The Book House for any of the books mentioned below, if you want a more personalized recommendation from Nadege, or to join their fun summer reading program for adults!


Where the Crawdads Sing

Fiction with an unexpected turn. Set mostly in a marsh in North Carolina, this book has been heralded as a celebration of nature. The main character is a girl known locally as the Marsh Girl. The plot is a mystery unfolding around the main character and the writing is beautiful. Everyone who has read this book seems to love it, a pretty good bet if you only read one book this summer!

Mystic Tea

From Nadege: "This book is one of my favorites of the past few years. It is written by a NJ author, and is a beautiful story of how we are all here to complete one another. It's about purpose and meaning, as well as uniqueness. A really amazing book. It is my store best seller!"
From Julie: This is one of the books from this list I'll be picking up from Nadege next week!

The Couple Next Door

From Nadege: "You will read this in two days! Mystery with a good story, written in an amazing way that makes you want to turn the pages to see what's next."

The End of the World Running Club

From Nadege: "Sci-fi/dystopian. I usually don't read much sci-fi, but I liked this one. It's written with humor and has a lot of layers that you can decide to dive into or not. If not, it's an easy sci-fi read. If you decide to peel the onion, it will make you think about living life in auto-pilot, losing sight of what matters, and what happens when it's taken away from us."
From Julie: As a former queen of dystopia lit who took a break for quite a while, this is the other one I'll be picking up from Nadege next week!

The Woman in the Window

From Nadege: "Really good mystery, written with English wit and pretty easy to read. Really liked it!"


Picking Cotton

I happened to spot this one on the table next to the register at The Book House last time I was there and I had to pick it up. This is a memoir that was co-written by a woman who was raped and the man, named Cotton, who she wrongfully accused of the crime and who spent more than a decade in prison before being exonerated due to DNA evidence. Memory and judgment are the overarching themes of the memoir and forgiveness is the main one.

I'll Be Gone in the Dark

Not for the faint of heart, this book details one woman's search for the identity of the Golden State Killer who terrorized communities throughout California in the 70's and 80's. Details about the crimes are not spared and I can't promise that it won't keep you up at night, but it's nonfiction written in a very captivating way and it's difficult to put down.

Bad Blood

The disturbing story of Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes. How she got money, the lies she told, the people she harmed, and the way the lies were finally uncovered. A quick, well-written nonfiction.

What books are on your summer reading list this year?
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