A Review of Lily's Little Life Lessons

An opportunity to share three sweet books with real life lessons

By Andrea Spaar, Summit Short Hills SoMa Macaroni Kid January 10, 2013
It is actually not that often that I get the opportunity to share a product with my readers that I think may end up resulting in a thank you note. I do believe that this may just be the case with the series Lily's Little Life Lessons by Rebecca Perlman Coniglio, LCSW.

Coniglio has written three books in the Lily's Little Life Lessons series, so far:

Book 1: "Lucky Lily" & "Lily's Lucky Daddy" is a winner of a Mom's Choice Award.
Book 2: "The Luckiest Girl" & "Lily's Lesson" is also a winner of a Mom's Choice Award.
Book 3: "Only Lily" & "Lily Learns" just came out and we'll see if it again wins a Mom's Choice Award

What makes these books so special?  All of the books have stories that focus on real life lessons that are important to teach young kids, but are sometimes difficult to talk about in a very positive manner. The first book focuses on being lucky and happy with the people that fill your world with love.  Sometimes it is very difficult for very young children to express their joy and happiness for the people around them. But hearing Lily talk about how lucky she feels about her family, could help other children to open up about how they feel.

For me, my son was extremely expressive at a very young age and was always spreading happiness and joy. He feels very strongly about his family, especially his cousins and grandparents, but I wish I had been able to share this book with him when he was much younger; because he would have also identified with Lily.

That is actually the perfect segue-way for the second book, which focuses on grandparents and love. The first story "The Luckiest Girl" is about a mother and seeing her relationship between her mom and her daughter. The second story, "Lily's Lesson" focuses on her grandparents being divorced as told by her mom.  As an all too often occurrence in many families, this story does not shy away from divorce and heartbreak, Here is a line from the book "Then one day, Papa packed a black bag and walked out the door. I felt my heart fall out on the floor." Unlike most children's book, it does not deal with this topic with rose color lenses, but gives an honest picture of how divorce can affect a family. As with divorce, ultimately everything does works out okay in the end.

The third book in the Series, which is still available for pre-orders to the general public, offers "Only Lily" a very sweet story about being a single child, which I will share with my son - who is also a single child.  The second story, "Lily Learns" is a cute story to share with a child entering their first learning experience away from their parent, be it preschool or even kindergarten.  

These picture books are definitely geared toward a very young audience and cover meaningful and sometimes difficult topics using rhyme.  Although these are most likely not books you will read each and every day, if you are approaching one of these life lessons, the books offer a great opportunity to open up an important conversation with your child.  

Lily's Little Life Lessons are available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  The author will be at The Livingston Mall, Barnes and Noble on Saturday, January 12 at 1:00 PM. Rebecca Pearlman Coniglio is visiting to read her third book in a series, Lily's Little Life Lessons. The book contains two stories, one is Only Lily - about being an only child and one is Lily Learns - about starting preschool. The author will be reading from the book and also signing books. A free book will be raffled off.

A free copy of the three books were provided to me by the author Rebecca Perlman Coniglio, LCSW; however, the opinion expressed here is entirely my own.